A website management system built for small businesses and organisations

Conceptulise allows you to build and manage your own website without having to do any complicated setup, buy any special software or have any particular website knowledge.

Scout leaders

Conceptulise is a service developed by Spectulise Ltd. a web development consultancy company, but more importantly has been developed by leaders involved in Scouting, schools and other youth organisations.

It all began by building a website editor for a local Scout Group in 2004. It needed to be easy to use and require no more computer literacy than that required to type a document or write an email, the idea being that any leader could change and update the website at any time. The real test of course would be if people used it and continued to update it.

A year later and the site was going strong. Word had spread about the editor and many other users had similar installations customised to their needs. It was clearly apparent that there was a need for an all-in-one website editor which came ready to use.

As demand for our website management system grew, it increased in sophistication, but has always stayed true to the need to be simple and easy to use. Over the years we have built in suggestions and updated the tools available moving with advances in technology ensuring our customers sites stay relevant and modern.

The system, now in version 5+ continues to grow and develop.

Templates for Groups

If you belong to a larger organisation we can provide a template customised to your brand guidelines.

Scout website template
Scouting websites 6+ on brand Scouting templates
u3a website template
U3A websites The University of the Third Age
Parish Council websites
Parish Councils Websites for local Government